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Faith Baptist Church is a Bible-believing, independant Baptist church with the following purpose:

The purpose of this church is: The glorification of God, the salvation of souls, the edification of the saints, through the preaching and teaching of God’s saving grace expressed in the death, burial and physical resurrection of Jesus Christ and the finished work of atonement; the promotion of godly worship; the defense of the “faith once delivered,” and cooperation with Christian activity functioning in harmony with God’s Holy Word.  

Pastor Wayne Scott and his wife, Karen, felt the call of God to start a church in the Morristown area. The call became a reality in 1992 when Faith Baptist Church was established for the glorification of God. Pastor Scott and his wife have faithfully served in this ministry since. They have 4 sons, 4 daughter-in-laws, and over a dozen grandchildren. Pastor and Karen have dedicated their lives to serving Jesus Christ and sharing the good news of His salvation through faith with the people of Morristown and surrounding areas.
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